DQC releases a policy guide on how to keep student data safe and be more effective

roadmap-data-safeWith the slew of not just universities, but major corporations like Target, currently coming under criticism for leaking massive amount of personal data, keeping student data safe has become a major priority for colleges and universities across the nation…but states must also take responsibility.

That’s why the Data Quality Campaign (DQC) has just released its “Roadmap to Safeguarding Student Data,” targeted at State Education Agencies (SEA), but includes three main data safeguarding practices most any institution should implement.

“This is about changing the culture…around data,” notes the DQC in the brief, “and this culture change starts from the top. Safeguarding student data needs to continue to be a priority of SEA leadership, and the SEA needs to effectively use and protect student data.

The DQC also emphasizes that the “specific, practical” recommendations are meant to improve both the specific policies and processes to safeguard data and the transparency and communication practices needed to create a responsible data culture, as SEAs [and institutions] “prioritize the safeguarding of student data and continuously review and update their data privacy policies and practices to address changes in technology.”

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