10 Apple and Android apps for international students

6. Study in USA Guide with Voices&Script  (Apple, Free)

Study in USA is a comprehensive app that is available in a variety of languages. This app contains a total of 41 four-minute programs covering a host of informative topics related to international students, taking them through the process of looking for a college, applying for a U.S. Visa, and more. Additionally, the roughly three hours of listening time is fully transcribed, which can be helpful for new English learners who want to read along while listening.

7.University-specific apps

While this list item technically isn’t any one app in itself, these apps are worth noting for incoming students, since university apps will likely contain a large amount of useful information encompassing everything from campus maps, bus routes, news updates, event information, multimedia, and even information on university traditions.

8. USA Study Guide  (Apple, Free)

USA Study Guide is an app designed by to bring the information on their website to mobile devices. The app posts blog posts and advice, often features specific schools, and even has a state-by-state guide with information about the areas students will be studying in. Perhaps the most useful aspect of this app, though, is the “Concierge Service” section, where users can ask specific questions that the team will then work with colleges to answer. Similar Android app: U.S. Citizenship Study Guide (Android, $1.99)

9. U.S. Citizenship 2014 Free (Apple, Free); U.S. Citizenship Practice Free (Android, Free)

Many international students may be interested in learning more about the USA or even consider staying here and becoming citizens. U.S. Citizenship 2014, and Citizenship Practice Free are apps for learning more about the country, including U.S. Citizenship test questions and flash cards for helping users to study on a host of American History, American Government, and Integrated Civics.

10. Words With Friends (Apple, Free); Words With Friends (Android, Free)

International or not, most students already have their fill of quizzes when they’re taking them in class, but luckily there are some fun alternatives to improving vocabulary! One such app is Words With Friends, the top free game in iPhone history which is a crossword puzzle game similar to Scrabble that pits users from around the world in a battle of wits to see who can come up with the best possible words in the space available. Beyond that, though, users have the opportunity to play with friends or make new ones, chat with opponents, and push their mastery of the English language to new heights.

Ron Bethke is an editorial intern with eCampus News

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