10 Apple and Android apps for international students

[Listed in alphabetical order]

1. City Maps 2Go – Travel Guide and Offline Map  (Apple, Free); City Maps 2Go (Android, Free)

Particularly useful for students attending institutions near major cities, City Maps 2Go is a maps app for someone interested in finding out more about a city than the names of the streets. Aside from highly detailed maps, City Maps 2Go contains comprehensive information on major points of interest, and helps users to discover new attractions without needing to be connected to the internet. Moreover, the app is very social, as it includes tips from fellow travelers and the ability to share favorite places with friends.

2. Google Translate (Apple, Free); Google Translate (Android, Free)

Supporting 80 languages and the familiar functionality of Google, Google Translate allows users to directly translate their text, speech, or even personal handwriting and have it read back to them in whatever language they want. Users can favorite certain translations that they may need again which can be quickly accessed even when offline.

3. Grammar Up (Apple, Free); GrammarUp (Android, $2.99)

Grammar Up is a resource for international students committed to mastering the English language. With this app, users take multiple-choice quizzes on 20 major grammar categories and receive real-time feedback explaining why every answer is correct.

4. Living Social (Apple, Free) and Groupon (Apple, Free); Living Social (Android, Free), Groupon (Android, Free)

Apps like Living Social and Groupon may be useful for international students who want to experience exciting activities in the U.S. Living Social and Groupon both similarly provide up-to-the-minute information on local events, give deals for eating and shopping, and introduce users to a host of new activities to try.

5. Stay connected to home with Social Media (various)

Though it is extremely important that international students enjoy their time studying in the U.S., nobody wants to see them lose their connections to home. Social Media outlets such as Facebook, Instagram, and Skype present today’s student with the opportunity to stay in touch and share their experiences with their family and friends back home, and feel the support of their loved ones as they work towards their degrees abroad, which often can make all the difference in helping international students feel comfortable in their new location.

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