Tech empower your campus

We’re kicking off “Catering to the 21st Century student” week here on eCampus News as part of our monthly topic week series throughout the year. Step one of catering to today’s students is to make sure your campus is empowered with technology done right. Below are just a few articles we believe can help colleges and universities make the best overall tech implementation decisions:

*Editor’s note: Be sure to check back every day for another list of helpful topic articles on how to recruit and retain students. Tuesday’s topic: Make the classroom collaborative.

10 technology hallmarks for every campus

technology-campus-hallmarksWith so many technology options available today to help support and promote an institution’s campus culture, students and faculty, it’s not surprising that many IT and campus leaders feel overwhelmed with what they should invest in now and what they should implement later, especially with tight budgets. But from having a good social media strategy to planning for Big Data collection, there are at least 10 technology hallmarks every campus should plan for immediately, if not implement as soon as possible….Read the article.


5 critical tips for implementing mobile technology

mobile-technology-studentsLong gone are the days when having a phone in class was cause for dismissal, with professors and students eager to implement mobile technology into the classroom. The problem is, not all implementation is effective. From knowing why IT woes occur on your campus to learning why apps aren’t always the saviors they’re marketed to be, these 5 tips can help educators get the most out of mobile learning…Read the article.


10 key steps to designing a great university app

app-design-stepsBy now, most people have caught on to the fact that not all apps are created equal, and that while it’s cool in theory to have an app for your college or university, if students and alumni don’t find it useful, you’ve just wasted precious time and money. But thanks to those that have been there and done that, there are now key steps every university should consider when creating a great university app…Read the article.