These 10 higher ed apps for organization can help keep your class running smoothly

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As curriculum becomes more interactive and the classroom becomes better technology-enabled, more opportunities become available for interaction…and chaos. But thanks to these 10 Apple apps, educators and students with Apple devices can help keep classroom work better organized.

From incredibly interactive gradebooks to in-class personal assistants, and from file aggregators across devices to real-time formative assessments, these apps have even the most meticulously organized educator covered.

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1. App: Class Act! Lite

What: This app is designed to support teachers ‘on the go’ as they assess their students’ progress throughout the lesson. Simply tap students on the screen as they progress. The different progress colors give teachers a visual of how well different students are learning, helping to direct questioning and support to individuals or groups. Arrange students on the screen into your seating plan for a quick overview of your classroom. Students’ colors are saved to support planning and differentiation for the next lesson.
Price: Free



2. App: Dropbox

What: Dropbox lets users bring all photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily. Access any file saved to Dropbox from all computers, iPhone, iPad, and the web. Features include: 2 GB of space for free when a user signs up; and add files to “Favorites” for fast, offline viewing. Terms of Service.

Price: Free



3. App: Evernote

What: A free app that helps users remember everything across all devices in use, such as notes, snap photos, to-do lists, scanned business cards, and recorded voice reminders. Everything is searchable. Evernote is available for: desktop (Mac and web); mobile (iPhone, iPad); and web (Evernote Web; Web Clipper for Safari). Learn more.

Price: Free with an option to upgrade to premium.



4. App: Gradebook Pro

What: Record grades, attendance, and student performance in an app designed with busy educators in mind. There are no in-app purchases, subscriptions, advertisements, limitations, or third party services to pay for. Use the app for grades, behavior, attendance, reporting, and Dropbox support.

Price: $9.99



5. App: iDoceo

What: A gradebook for the iPad. Its spreadsheet engine will calculate averages in real time as you put information in, and no internet connection is required to use it. Users can insert any kind of information for each class, student and semester visually, with the ability to scroll, expand, filter, export, import and view information at any time.
Price: $7.99


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6. App: One Call Now Mobile

What: One Call Now clients can communicate with members of their campus and other organizations. Quickly record and send messages to all members of your group or organization, or to one or more Subgroups. Type-in and send messages using the Text-to-Speech engine. All messages are stored for re-use as needed, and users can view message reports. This app requires purchase of a One Call Now service plan. Please visit the links below for more information or to sign up for the service.

Price: Free, but requires purchase of a One Call Now service plan.



7. App: Ringya

What: Ringya is a communication solution created especially for groups like work teams, class lists, sports clubs, and other institutions. The app supports individual and group communication including one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-many group communication from mobile to desktop including voice calls, text messaging, live chat and email.

Price: Free



8. App: Socrative Teacher

What: Educators can initiate real-time formative assessments through quizzes, quick question polls, exit tickets and space races. Socrative will instantly grade, aggregate and provide graphs of results to help teachers identify opportunities for further instruction. Socrative also works on every browser, including Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer. Use any web-enabled device, including smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

Price: Free, but requires registration with Socrative.



9. App: Teacher’s Attaché

What: Like a personal assistant for teachers, this app provides schedules (view courses by semesters, multiple schedules for a course, custom repeat settings, weekly calendar), student features (mail all students, photo identification), attendance (filter for absent or present students, email, attendance note, export as Excel-compatible CSV files), planners, grading support, and Dropbox support.

Price: $3.99



10. App: WorkFlowy

What: A tool for taking notes and making lists, Slate Magazine recently wrote, “This app is the easiest, best-designed, and most-flexible note-taker I’ve ever come across, and it solves many of the problems I’ve had with other software … It has become my go-to place for storing and keeping track of everything…” Features include: infinitely nested lists, zoom in on any sub-list, tag and filter list items, full offline functionality, automatic syncing between all devices, collaborate with others, and much more.

Price: Free