6 tips for launching new assessments

Industry expert shares six important strategies for launching a successful assessment platform

online-assessments-platformAssessment platforms are a huge endeavor and can be a redefining event for an institution if kicked-off correctly.

By following a few best practices during a new launch, assessment teams can create valuable goals, define objectives, and set a program up for success.

1) Establish a small leadership team

Create and announce a small three-to-five person team of designers for the assessment systems and process and assign someone the role of Lead Administrator to liaise with the provider’s personnel. This team works first to create a vision for the system – articulating what the proactive, positive and valuable goals of using the system are to be.

Accreditation, while very important, will not fly as a core vision. This team will also later approach selected faculty for advice about key assessments. Your provider should be able to help you get organized and advise you about optimal approaches given an emerging vision.

2) Forget the technology and focus on clarity first

Develop a clear understanding of what you want to measure and how. DO think of it as research. The vision and methodology drive the design of your system. This same maxim applies to your next stop: outcomes.

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