INFOGRAPHIC: 10 advantages of online courses

New infographic details the many advantages of online learning, outside of just convenience

online-learning-advantagesWhether you oppose, support, or are merely ambivalent to the practice of online learning, the proliferation in the number of colleges and universities offering blended and online learning courses skyrocketing, reinforcing the fact that online learning is not a fad, but here to stay.

And according to a new infographic, created by online course provider SkilledUp, what initially got online learning through the door of mass consumption—convenience and lower cost—is changing. Though those benefits are still prevalent, online learning provides personalized learning, alternative forms of credentialing, tangible skill building, mobile access, and many other advantages that are propelling online learning past “trend” to mainstay.

“Although some would argue that online education is only an awesome alternative to traditional education because of the savings and convenience, there are actually many other advantages,” says Brad Zomick, SkilledUp’s chief content officer. “Only online education fully integrates itself into today’s educational technology. It is also more efficient for fast and especially motivated learners and offers skills that lack resources in traditional education despite high demand from employers (coding and social media marketing are common examples). One could even claim that it isn’t an alternative at all but rather a different path with its own rewards.”

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