5 innovative higher ed leaders to follow on Twitter

2.  Tony Wagner

Tony Wagner, Ed.D, is an Expert In Residence at Harvard University’s new Innovation Lab, and discusses various topics in higher education. One of his areas of focus examines how colleges and universities must find innovative solutions to help students succeed.

3.  Rovy Branon

Innovation, learning, technology, and leadership are common issues Rovy Branon enjoys chatting about on Twitter. As an an associate dean at the University of Wisconsin-Extension and with over 25,000 followers, Rovy’s views and curated content can be helpful to readers interested in expanding their knowledge about different learning strategies, online courses, and classroom technology.

4.  Clayton Christensen

With nearly 100,000 followers, Clayton Christensen, professor at Harvard Business School and co-founder of the Clayton Christensen Institute, is famous for coining the phrase, “disruptive innovation.” Clayton’s Twitter feed is a must-read for sometimes controversial yet always engaging ed-tech dialogue.

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