4. They have coding lessons

Made With Code includes a selection of coding projects made specifically for young women who do not have prior coding experience in mind. “Suspend your disbelief and let’s get cracking,” the website beckons its users. Girls can go on missions, create their own avatars or accessorize self-portraits while learning how to code.

Once users select a lesson, they read about what they are going to make and how they are going to make it. The website uses Blockly programming language and provides users with a template to drag and drop various coding blocks onto their workspace. Hints are easily accessible for those who are struggling, and previews are available for those who are eager to see what their finished product will look like.

Users can also create a bracelet online that can be 3D-printed for a limited time only by the company Shapeways for free. The bracelet designs, colors and writing can vary, depending on what the coder has in mind.

5. Their overall message

At the top of Made With Code’s website is a video that sums up what the initiative was created for. Here’s one quote from the film that really encapsulates the message that Google and its partners want every young girl (and boy, for that matter) to take away:  “When you learn to code, you can assemble anything that you see missing. And in doing so, you will fix something, or change something, or invent something, or run something … and maybe that’s how you will play your bit in this world.”

Watch the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bo11JJgj1cU

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