New tool breaks down federal policy

Using mouse-over functionality, and hyperlinks, the tool guides users through each step, displaying relevant players and key actions that must occur at each juncture.

A piece of the tool:


Using this foundation, NASFAA’s goal is to offer higher education stakeholders a more confident understanding of the seemingly complex federal budget process.

The tool starts by asking users to download the NASFAA Monograph–a primer on the federal budget process, which breaks down information into:

  • The history and background of the process
  • Principal participants and their roles
  • What gets enforced in the budget resolution
  • The spending authority and the federal student aid programs
  • Cost-estimating with Stafford Loans
  • A timetable for annual action

The primer also comes with a glossary of terms and additional resources.

You can find the tool and the primer on NASFAA’s website here.

*Material from a press release was used in this report.