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8 steps to get the most out of adaptive learning

Best practices report from innovative universities details how to maximize adaptive technology

adaptive-learning-adoptAdaptive learning, considered a ‘game changer’ for higher education in its innovative use of technology to deliver high-quality, highly-personalized instruction to all types of learners, is still relatively new in its adoption and implementation. Thankfully, 17 tech-savvy leaders in higher ed are offering best practices to get the most out of adaptive learning.

In a new report, “Maximizing Investment in Adaptive Learning,” sponsored by Adapt Courseware and produced by Eduventures—a research and consulting service—though adaptive learning is not only in demand by colleges and universities (Arizona State, Carnegie Mellon, the University of California Berkeley, and more) but meets the needs of today’s students’ through rich online learning environments and personalized learning, its full potential is not yet realized.

“Confusion abounds about what exactly adaptive learning is, what value proposition it brings to higher education, and, more strategically, what best practices institutions looking to adopt an adaptive learning model can glean in order to succeed with this emerging technology,” explains the report.

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