4 ways colleges can leverage recruitment

Colleges can gain a competitive advantage and better leverage for lasting success

colleges-leverage-recruitmentFor college recruitment efforts, traditional “push marketing” programs via broadcast television, direct mail and printed marketing collateral materials are consistently showing diminishing returns on investment, while innovative digital “pull marketing” like social media, interactive content marketing and search engine optimization are stimulating true engagement and increasing conversions.

Recognizing this, savvy college recruitment officers are finding new ways to transition their recruitment efforts to advanced digital marketing programs.

Here are four key emerging trends that college recruiters should keep in mind to implement successful “college recruitment 2.0” programs:

1. Trend: Tracking Prospective Students Online

Rather than sending mass emails and costly marketing collateral materials to lists of prospective students who have never expressed interest in their campuses, recruitment teams are creating and diffusing compelling, relevant online content to stimulate interest and attract students. In turn, marketers are tracking and measuring this content to make informed decisions and create custom-tailored marketing programs.

Utilizing Google Analytics or the most recent upgrade to the platform, Universal Analytics, you can track online visitors to determine how they are interacting with your content across a variety of platforms. More specifically, you can assign specific tracking codes to marketing campaigns and various forms of content online. This can provide great insights about the types of content that are most engaging prospective students.

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