Kevan Sears, head of enterprise sales for IDology, said using the company’s photo ID scan and validation technology — which accurately approves student IDs before an exam is taken, for example — is central to building and maintaining a reputation as a legitimate educational institution.

“No school out there wants to be known as a hotbed of fraud,” Dancu said. “They know that their reputation is connected to how they deal with this issue and how successful they are in combating the sort of [test and student aid] fraud we’ve seen over the years.”

Using IDology’s photo ID solution, a student can hold her ID up to a webcam, for instance, and confirm her identity before the test begins. The technology is designed to read micro-prints and data points that prove the ID is the real deal.

IDology officials said many anti-fraud solutions use questions derived from credit reports to verify a student’s identity before an exam or before receiving student loan payments. This might not make much sense for 18 and 19 year olds with limited or no credit history.

IDology’s solution aims to ask questions that wouldn’t stump the honest student, but would befuddle someone looking to commit student loan or online exam fraud.

“We’re trying to make it easy on the student and very tough on the fraudster,” said Chris Pope, director of product marketing for IDology. “That’s the key for us: weed out the fraudsters without making life difficult for the honest student.”


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