How millennial culture is driving change in higher education

At, I have also built my business model to cater to Millennials’ changing needs by creating a web-based, peer-learning platform that enables college students to share study materials in order to succeed. At, we provide a platform where students can sell and buy affordable, course-specific study materials — study guides, notes, flashcards, video tutorials, and live video help.

As an entrepreneur in the higher ed tech space myself, I think it will ultimately be a hybrid approach between online and offline learning that emerges. Though MOOCs and web-based learning tools are on the rise, many students still do need something tangible to be successful, even though they’ve grown up in this fast-paced world of technology.

Mike Matousek is the founder and CEO, the student-to-student study materials marketplace. He founded the company while a senior at Kent State University in 2010 and later graduated with a degree in Finance and Entrepreneurship.

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