3. Krista LeBrun and Terry Pollard: Online Professional Development: Lessons Learned

Krista LeBrun, eLearning Coordinator at Meridian Community College and Terry Pollard, director of Training and Professional Development at Mississippi Community College Board, discuss the role of technology and innovation in higher education online courses.

Both experts cover a wide range of higher ed topics such as working as a distance learning coordinator, the challenges and opportunities of providing professional development, and research on attrition rates with online courses.

Watch the full video here:

4. Boyoung Chae and Connie Broughton: How to Make it Work for Faculty: A study of how Washington community and technical college faculty use Open Educational Resources

Washington State Board for Community & Technical Colleges Director of eLearning Connie Broughton, and Faculty Training Coordinator Boyoung Chae, examine the adoption of Open Educational Resources – free media and documents which support teachers and students.

These educators explain how faculty perceive Open Educational Resources; how new technologies are implemented in the classroom; and address the support and training faculty receive to advance their skills.

See the entire clip here:

5. Stephanie Tezich: Collaborative Learning 360

There are two different classrooms teaching the same subject. In one room, students are not paying attention to the instructor because they are playing games on the computer or are asleep. In another room, students are poised, alert, and participating in the lecture. What makes one classroom setting different from the other?

One of the greatest challenges educators face is keeping students engaged. In this introduction video by Ivy Tech Community College, experts share tips on service learning and collaborative learning and how classrooms can be transformed to encourage optimal student participation.

Watch collaborative learning in practice here:

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