Is Ghostbusters a metaphor for ed-tech innovation?

Within the last ten years, new word meanings have been added to many recognizable and almost traditional words. With that said, many of these words or terms have even been adapted into the everyday technology lexicon almost transparently, perhaps without even realizing it. Technological disruption, I believe, fits into the last mentioned type – the shifting of meaning definition.

To summarize, a challenge will be for all graduates, during this celebratory year, to add at least ten or twenty new disruptive-type words with the intention of increasing an already dynamic vocabulary!

Finally, as today’s graduates, when wearing and using the new computer-mediated type of communication devices, or carrying  extraordinary equipment, are tasked to innovate, and broaden technical boundaries as well as learning to develop neoteric educational practices for making the world a better place for everyone. Graduates of 2014 might someday be seen, in 20 years or so, as having used the “internet of Things,” in very revolutionary ways.

And so, when looking back in time, maybe with a nostalgic rose colored lens of some kind, be thoughtful of looking back, but only reminisce briefly, and keep in mind the half-full glass is waiting, to fulfill an optimistic future with so many things, places and ideas just ahead waiting to be discovered and dreamed about.

But most importantly of all, I speculate a distinguished recognition will be made in later years, to the class of 2014, as the special generation who pioneered the first wearable, innovative devices. In my opinion, I believe the graduates of today will lead others to amazing discoveries that will impress the hearts and minds of many. And educators, too, were there as significant witnesses to the successes, and as collaborative influencers who stood by when fingers were pricked on thorns (fully qualified life challenges), and who were there to see today’s graduates, in their full bloom as brilliant bold leaders in this time.

And a few final words to graduates of the class of 2014, it’s finally summertime, so during your new explorations and journeys, please take some time to stop and smell the real roses too!

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Roxann Riskin is a technology specialist/supervisor at Fairfield UniversityFollow her on Twitter @roxannriskin.