Flipping helps faculty get more personalized support, provides community

flipped-PD-facultyThe recent focus on flipping courses for students highlights the multiple benefits this method of teaching and learning can provide. However, faculty, otherwise known as perpetual students, can benefit from this method through professional development (PD).

But how do you actually flip PD? In much the same way a professor would flip course material, with a few slight adjustments; for example, in offering IT or other departmental specialists on-hand for expertise and support.

By looking to flipped PD experts, as well as multiple resources on the subject, this article examines why flipping PD is beneficial to educators, especially when learning to implement different education technologies.

Skipping the more general characteristics of ‘good’ PD—making sure your WiFi connection works, providing an exit survey—you’ll learn about 6 keys that craft a great flipped PD session.

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