5 fresh ed-tech startups for summer

4. Seelio
Seelio, short for “see my portfolio,” is a web-based startup that allows students to build online displays of their top projects and work. The startup’s founders created the website because they thought it was too hard for students to standout in today’s job market. Seelio provides free services to students, from their college enrollment to graduation.

The company is currently working with about 25 educational institutions, including Northwestern and the University of Texas. This startup garnered nearly $1 million in early investments this year. It was also recently purchased by Plattform, a worldwide marketing partner for colleges and universities.

5. uConnect
This startup targets the college career center. UConnect’s goal is to help students find post-college employment. The company keeps students in the know with custom email alerts and social media feeds. Its technology allows college career centers to centralize their campus recruiting activity on their own websites and job boards.

UConnect lets career centers “speak to students the way they want to be spoken to,” said David Kozhuk, the company’s chief executive at the LearnLaunchX edtech accelerator. Various schools have jumped on board, including MIT, which will launch uConnect in the fall.

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Molly Schulson is an editorial intern with eCampus News.

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