Helix Education Advances LMS for Competency-Based Education

Adaptive Platform Allows Institutions to Simultaneously Deliver and Manage CBE and Traditional Online Programs

Salt Lake City, UT – June 11, 2014 – Helix Education, a world class provider of student lifecycle technologies and services, has advanced its Helix LMS platform, giving institutions the power to deliver new levels of personalization, flexibility, and engagement. Addressing the need for higher education to be more innovative, Helix LMS is built specifically for competency-based education (CBE) with the ability to simultaneously run and manage traditional learning models.

“CBE is transforming the teaching and learning process as we know it,” said Steve Pappageorge, Chief Product Officer and Senior Vice President at Helix Education. “For students, it facilitates the ultimate level of personalization to meet each one’s specific needs. For faculty, it empowers them to get to know students and their unique learning styles on a more intimate basis, and act as mentors to more effectively nurture and guide students.”

Pappageorge continued, “That said, transitioning to a CBE model takes careful consideration and planning. Through our advanced LMS and support services, institutions can ease into the process, allowing curriculum to be delivered in both a competency-based and traditional modality through the same installation. Rich data allows them to measure efficacy so they can better manage change, testing new programs, techniques and learning models. Our team of instructional design and technology experts understands the complexities that are inherent in CBE, and are helping schools navigate the process each step of the way.”

Helix LMS provides students with an intuitive learning experience. They have the opportunity to undergo a diagnostic pre-test, which establishes a baseline of their knowledge and allows them to create their own personalized learning plan. They engage in personalized lessons and take formative assessments that adapt to required competencies, and they receive real-time feedback from the system, pinpointing areas where additional work is needed and reporting on overall progress.

Faculty using Helix LMS gain access to robust learner profiles, capturing details on performance, activity data, and communication history, which in turn enables instructors to tailor outreach appropriately. Real-time analytics provide actionable recommendations, which saves faculty a tremendous amount of time that would otherwise be consumed mining for information and insights. Additionally, grading efficiencies allow the instructor to easily manage students at different stages throughout the course.

For administrators, Helix Education’s phased approach minimizes implementation challenges. Schools can upload existing courses and add CBE assessments, group projects, on-demand tutoring, exams, reports, and more as they see fit.

Helix Education will be debuting its competency-based LMS at the APSCU Annual Convention next week. Additionally, Pappageorge will be joining a panel of academic and accreditation experts at the event to present “Navigating the New Waters of Competency-Based Education.”

About Helix Education
Helix Education’s innovative technology platforms and service solutions span the student lifecycle, helping higher education institutions find, enroll, retain and teach students. For more than 25 years, its marketing services business unit (previously Datamark) has provided data-driven digital and direct marketing solutions to effectively connect institutions with prospective students. Its configurable SaaS CRM for enrollment, retention and coaching management delivers unparalleled data and insights to help students stay engaged. Additionally, Helix LMS, the company’s comprehensive online learning platform built specifically with a competency-based education architecture, was recognized by EDUCAUSE and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as a promising technology to support breakthrough learning models. For more information, please visit www.HelixEducation.com.

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