These are the best schools…say actual students

The top graduate programs in the country are:

Business and Management: Rice University (9.2 stars)

Accounting: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (9.9 stars)

Business Administration: Rice University (9.1 stars)

Executive MBA: University of Virginia (9.7 stars)

Full-time MBA: Harvard University (9.5 stars)

Marketing: University of California-Los Angeles (9.3 stars)

Part-time MBA: The University of Iowa (9.1 stars)

Communications: California State University, Fullerton (9.2 stars)

Education: University of California-Berkeley (9.4 stars)

Adult Education: University of Missouri-Columbia (9.2 stars)

Curriculum and Instruction: Purdue University-West Lafayette (9.9 stars)

Counselor Education: Old Dominion University (9.4 stars)

Education Administration: Providence College (9.2 stars)

Elementary Education: University of Arkansas (9.4 stars)

Educational Leadership: California State University, Los Angeles (9.8 stars)

Higher Education: Boston University (9.7 stars)

Secondary Education: American University (9.7 stars)

Special Education: University of Pittsburgh-Main Campus (9.8 stars)

Teacher Certification: University of Virginia (9.7 stars)

Engineering: Rice University (9.1 stars)

Biomedical Engineering: Columbia University (9.5 stars)

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering: Penn State University Park (9.6 stars)

Civil Engineering: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (9.1 stars)

Computer Science: Carnegie Mellon University (9.6 stars)

Electrical Engineering: Purdue University-West Lafayette (9.6 stars)

Engineering Management: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (9.3 stars)

Mechanical Engineering: Case Western Reserve University (9.6 stars)

Fine Arts and Architecture:

Architecture: University of Utah (8.8 stars)

Art: American University (9.1 stars)


Healthcare Administration: Oregon Health and Science University (9.7 stars)

Health Policy and Management: Tulane University (9.7 stars)

Kinesiology: University of Tennessee-Chattanooga (9.3 stars)

Mental Health Counseling: Syracuse University (9.4 stars)

Nutritional Science: Northeastern University (9.6 stars)

Occupational Therapy: University of Indianapolis (9.4 stars)

Physical Therapy: University of Wisconsin-Madison (9.0 stars)

Physician Assistant: Quinnipiac University (9.4 stars)

Public Health:  Eastern Virginia Medical School (8.9 stars)


Criminal Justice: University of Maryland, University College (9.7 stars)

JD: University of Colorado, Boulder (8.7 stars)

Liberal Arts and Humanities:

English: University of Colorado, Boulder (9.9 stars)

Theology/Religious Studies: University of Washington Seattle (9.5 stars)

Medicine and Dental

Anatomy: Pacific University Oregon (9.4 stars)

Dental Medicine: University of Florida (9.2 stars)

MD: Emory University (9.1 stars)

Nursing: University of Pittsburgh-Main Campus (9.2 stars)

Pharmacy: Butler University (9.3 stars)

Veterinary: Virginia Tech (9.7 stars)

Public Affairs:

Public Administration: The University of Texas at Arlington (9.0 stars)

Public Policy: Rutgers University-New Brunswick (9.5)


Biochemistry, microbiology, molecular biology: University of California-Irvine (9.5 stars)

Biology: Indiana University, Bloomington (9.5 stars)

Chemistry: Rice University (9.2 stars)

Information Science: Northwestern University (9.9 stars)

Mathematics: Stanford University (9.6 stars)

Neuroscience: The Ohio State University (9.2 stars)

Physics: University of California-Santa Barbara (9.1 stars)

Speech-Language Pathology: Long Island University Brooklyn Campus (9.5 stars)

Social Sciences:

Anthropology: Cornell University (9.8 stars)

Economics: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (9.8 stars)

History: Harvard University (9.8 stars)

Political Science: Arizona State University (8.9 stars)

Psychology: Harvard University (9.1 stars)

Social Work: University of Southern California (8 stars)

Sociology: Duke University (9.3 stars)

For a complete list, visit the graduate school rankings page.