Personalizing 1.2 million communications with students? No sweat

Each eMail included a link and an invitation to create an account and apply to Becker College online, where they can update contact information. The Recruiter technology also allows admissions staffers can push out dynamic content, such as spotlighting a prospect’s area of interest through copy, photographs, and links.

The results spoke for themselves: The school saw a 25 percent increase in the number of applications it received, along with a 21 percent jump in the number of students who were accepted.

Automating the previously arduous process of reaching potential students saved Becker $300,000 during that school year, along with 200 hours that would’ve been required to coordinate and execute such a wide-ranging recruitment plan.

Even the acceptance of perspective students targeted in the personalized eMail campaigns was automated for the small college. That also saved tremendous amounts of time for campus staffers, officials said.

“We have built functionality that calculates award information automatically and then sends this personalized information to the prospect,”  said Patty Patria, CIO at Becker College. “The process was entirely manual before.”


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