The University of Florida chooses TERMINALFOUR to simplify content management processes across its 3,000 websites

TERMINALFOUR is delivering a digital engagement and web content management platform to the University of Florida which will optimize all of the university’s 3,000 websites under one consistent, easy-to-use platform.

The University of Florida is a large public, research institution with over 900 buildings across multiple campuses and operates 150 research institutes. With more than 14,000 full-time faculty and staff; 53,000 students and 16 distinct independent colleges, the University caters to the needs of a vast audience. Its alumni hail from 50 US states and more than 220 countries around the world.

With such a diverse and disparate communications requirement, the University of Florida sought to unite its entire web infrastructure onto one web content management platform. TERMINALFOUR was chosen to provide its web content management solution – TERMINALFOUR Site Manager – based on its higher education focus, its compatibility with the University of Florida’s distributed web development needs and its ability to scale to support an institute of this size.

Importantly for a modern university, the responsive design capabilities in TERMINALFOUR’s platform will ensure the delivery of consistent messaging, brand and content across numerous communication touch-points such as smart phones and tablets. It also includes social and calendar modules, providing a unified view of everything that is taking place around the University.

TERMINALFOUR Site Manager is delivering standardized and unified content management for the university and is devolving content ownership across its web environment.

Each of the individual college websites contain volumes of information on courses, research programmes, news and information on campus life and work with the wider community. The ease of use of the TERMINALFOUR platform allows departments to create and publish more comprehensive and timely communications for the students, faculty and staff across the globe who teach, learn, and inform through the university’s online resources.

This is delivering a greater frequency of information to the university’s many audiences and as no technical capabilities are needed, the IT staff are freed up to concentrate on other major technology projects. Implementing a centrally managed and supported tool will also deliver significant cost savings on software licensing fees and hardware, for each of the university’s units.

“The University of Florida, with its global online presence, requires a content management tool the caliber of TERMINALFOUR,” says Vice President and Chief Information Officer Elias Eldayrie. “Academic and administrative staff tested several solutions and commented on TERMINALFOUR’s presence in–and commitment to–the higher education customer. Faculty and staff recommendations, coupled with the opportunity to leverage significant savings across the university, made TERMINALFOUR the right WCM choice for UF.”

The University of Florida has already begun the transition of its largest sites to the TERMINALFOUR platform. These include its home page, which had more than 10,700,000 unique visitors in 2013, the Office of the President, the University of Florida’s Board of Trustees website, and several of the university’s individual college sites.

Piero Tintori, CEO, TERMINALFOUR commented, “The University of Florida is an extremely dynamic and inclusive university that works closely with its students, faculty, community and alumni around the world. We’re extremely proud to partner with the university on its online transformation project as it continues its commitment to educational excellence.”