5 great ‘Great Courses’ worth sharing

From the origins of Earth to the greatest orchestral works, here are some Great Courses worth sharing with your students

great-course-videoThanks to massive open online courses (MOOCs), video lectures are currently all the rage.

Of course, pre-recorded lectures are not anything new. They’ve been around for decades, sent out as part of distance education courses through snail mail.

Since 1990, one company has even been producing slick videos of college lectures that rival the production value of today’s flashiest MOOC lectures.

Called The Great Courses, the company was founded by Thomas Rollins, the former chief counsel of the United States Senate Committee on Labor and Human Resources under Senator Ted Kennedy. If that wasn’t an impressive enough pedigree, Great Courses has worked with hundreds of high-profile professors and partnered with the National Geographic Society and Culinary Institute of America.

The courses are available on DVD, and CD, and through transcript books and video and audio downloads. Some can be pricey, while others are the cost of an average music album (and can be purchased through

Here are some Great Courses worth seeking out.

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