Homestay: Do you know about this crisis?

Homestay is aiming to use its website to place the growing number of study abroad students with the right accommodations

homestay-abroad-studentsBetween now and 2020, the amount of students studying languages abroad is expected to increase from 4 to 7 million.

At the same time, overcrowded colleges and universities frequently face housing and accommodation shortages for even national students.

“Institutions are setting targets to have 15 percent of their student population come from international borders,” said Alan Clarke, CEO of “Many are currently at 3 percent. What that brings with it is a requirement for students to find off-campus accommodation because there is probably a lack of sufficient accommodation on campus.”

Homestay is hoping to help ease that burden.

The Ireland-based company was founded in 2011 when its founders realized there wasn’t a technology that could easily support placing study abroad students with host families. It can also connect others looking to go abroad with a place to stay, but a large focus remains on changing the way students are placed in homestays.

The current techniques used by most universities are “intensely manual,” Clarke said.

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