5 rockstar superprofessors of online learning

4. Kevin Werbach

Werbach teaches a MOOC on gamification. He has taught 150,000 students, and been called a “rockstar” and “internet royalty.” But he’s not a fan of the perception, writing in the Chronicle of Higher Education that there’s a danger in thinking of professors as rockstars.

“The rockstar meme implies that teaching is all about performance,” he wrote. “What happens on stage is still what matters, even if techno-hip educators supplant traditional sages. Talk of rock-star faculty members reinforces the static lecture model that MOOCs were, ironically, developed in part to destroy. The audience at a rock concert is listening, not interacting.”

5. Zombie survival professors

Thought to be the first MOOC to go truly viral, UC Irvine’s course based on the popular zombie drama The Walking Dead inspired thousands of tweets and more than 600 news articles.

The course was taught by an all-star team of UC Irvine instructors: social science lecturer Joanne Christopherson; physics professor Michael Dennin; public health lecturer Zuzana Bic; and mathematics lecturer Sarah Eichhorn.

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