5 rockstar superprofessors of online learning

1. Walter Lewin

With courses like “Newtonian Mechanics” and “Electricity and Magnetism,” Lewin may not seem like an obvious candidate for rockstar professor status.

But the reportedly 4 million students who take the Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor‘s MOOCs would probably disagree.

2. Andy Brown

Armed with just a B.S. in physics, Brown takes students all around Europe teaching physics lessons from locations where many of the theories originated. Part Bill Nye the Science Guy, part travel show, Brown’s Intro to Physics MOOC proved an early success story for the new type of online course.

“We think the future of education is guys like Andy Brown who produce the most fun,” one of Udacity’s founders once told the New York Times.

3. Christina Blanch

This superprofessor even taught a “super MOOC.”

Blanch created a course in 2013 that explored questions of gender and sexuality through comic books. She was able to tap some of the biggest names in comics to be guests in the course, including Mark Waid, Brian K. Vaughan, and Kelly Sue DeConnick.

Stan Lee, the legendary co-creator of many of Marvel’s most famous super heroes, even narrated the commercial for Blanch’s course.

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