New Educational Offering Uses Adaptive Multimedia to Fix What’s Broken with Online Courses,
Gives Students a Less Expensive and Highly Engaging Way to Learn

LAS VEGAS – May 21, 2014 –JumpCourse today launched a series of online college courses that offer today’s debt-anxious students a smarter way to earn college credit and speed their progress toward a degree. Offered at just $99, each JumpCourse dramatically improves the online learning experience through the power of adaptive multimedia and removes many of the barriers to student achievement such as high costs, closed classes, and one-size-fits-all instruction. JumpCourse students earn credit by passing the College Level Examination Program Test or CLEP Test, which is accepted for credit at more than 2,900 colleges and universities nationwide.

JumpCourse addresses the problems plaguing many online courses – lackluster text-heavy content, high attrition rates, and a lack of personalized instruction – by offering beautifully designed multimedia courses that adapt to each student. As students engage with a JumpCourse, the courseware automatically identifies their learning level, preferences, and styles, and adjusts the presentation of the material to meet each student’s needs. Students no longer suffer through dull pages of material lifted from dense textbooks intended for the classroom. Instead, they’re presented with multimedia content that helps them to learn the way they learn best.

“The truth is most online college courses don’t sufficiently motivate or engage, and they’re not set up to help many students succeed,” said John Boersma, Ph.D. and Founder, JumpCourse. “We’re changing that with the power of adaptive multimedia and a clear path to credit. Imagine if you could take Psychology 101 on your laptop, at your own pace, with a personalized curriculum that provides access to a coach when needed and uses video and interactive multimedia to help you succeed. That’s what we’ve made possible, at a fraction of the usual cost.”

JumpCourse debuts as millions of high school and college students across the country consider how best to spend their summer break. Test-for-credit courses taken during summer months offer students the opportunity to save thousands of dollars in tuition fees and a work-around to closed course sections, wait lists, and other delays to completing their degree.

“A big part of the rise in Super-Seniors (those who take more than four years to complete college) can be attributed to wait lists,” continued Boersma. “Students want to finish in four years, but can’t because they don’t have the requisite credits. As a result, they graduate with even more debt. We provide a solution to that problem. With JumpCourse, a student can earn a year’s worth of college credit for as little as $2000, and have a more interesting, memorable and effective learning experience in the process.”

Founded by a team of academics, higher education learning experts and technology veterans, JumpCourse plans to have more than 20 classes available by the end of 2014. Five inaugural courses – Financial Accounting, Introduction to Psychology, Organizational Behavior, Macroeconomics, and Introduction to Sociology – are available now at jumpcourse.com.

JumpCourse provides a smarter way to earn college credit at thousands of colleges and universities nationwide. Our online courses use the educational and motivational power of adaptive multimedia to dramatically improve the learning experience. The simple truth is that many online college courses today don’t inspire, don’t engage, and are not set up to ensure students earn credits toward their degrees. JumpCourse changes all of that and delivers beautifully designed, motivating courses that give students a fighting chance at graduating on time and without a mountain of debt. For more information visit www.jumpcourse.com.