10 assistive technology Apple and Android apps

6. Pages; $9.99

Pages is a word processor for Apple mobile devices. It syncs with iCloud, comes with a choice of 16 templates, and allows for color, font and texture customization.

7. Predictable; $159.99

A text-to-speech application that offers customizable AAC functions with the latest social media integration. Using a word prediction engine and switch access, Predictable meets the needs of a wide range of people using AAC, including those with MND/ALS, Cerebral Palsy and people with communication difficulties after a stroke or head injury.

8. Speak It! Text-to-Speech; $1.99

The app highlights each spoken word so that the user can more easily follow along with the text. This app can also help give a non-verbal student a voice so that he or she can interact with classmates. The ability to save countless phrases adds convenience by eliminating the need to type the same phrases over and over again.

Android’s similar app: Google Text-to-Speech.

9. Talking Calculator; $1.99

If a visual disability makes using a calculator difficult, this app could become an ideal solution. Talking Calculator features large colorful buttons, creating an easy-to-use interface; in addition, the calculator talks. Putting a finger on the screen allows the app to tell the user what button finger hovers over. Perform a calculation and the calculator vocalizes the answer.

Android’s similar app: Simple Talking Calculator.

10. Visual Schedule Planner; $14.99

A completely customizable visual schedule app that is designed to give an individual an audio/visual representation of the “events in their day.” In addition, events that require more support can be linked to an “activity schedule” or “video clip” to help model the task even further.