New infographic details the business and benefits of providing digital tools and online classes

digital-education-infographicAs trends like using multimedia resources for courses and incorporating blended learning classes on campus become ubiquitous, what are the motivating factors behind these trends…and do businesses profit off of them? What are some of the advances in tech spurring digital education’s growth?

According to a new infographic by Knewton, and based off of recent data from the Sloan Consortium, the New Media Consortium, the Gates Foundation, and many other sources (including multiple universities), the rise of digital education is the cause of multiple factors; the main one being the booming business of education.

From understanding why these trends are taking off in colleges and universities to a breakdown of digital education providers by type of institution, and from digital education’s potential for lowering dropout rates to making learning more affordable, this infographic provides a detailed snapshot of the digital education landscape.

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