[Listed in alphabetical order]


MOOC: 30 Days of TED

From: Canyons School District

Host: Canvas

When: Available now

What: TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, & Design—three broad subject areas that are, collectively, shaping our future. This course is designed to introduce participants to the wide variety of resources available on the TED website and how to use them in the classroom. During this session, participants will:

  • Create a TED.Ed flipped lesson in order to enhance classroom learning and instruction. Participants will use the TED.Ed platform to choose video resources and then add discussion prompts, short answers, quiz questions, and further research links to create an interactive flipped lesson.
  • Curate curriculum content from TED playlists to provide real-world examples. Using TED talks, participants will find real-world examples that add meaning to required core curriculum.
  • Explore mobile app alternatives to incorporate digital tools to promote student learning.Participants will investigate a variety of TED mobile apps that can be utilized on a wide range of devices.

More information: https://www.canvas.net/courses/learning-with-ted-talks


MOOC: Big Data and Social Physics

From: MIT

Host: edX

When: Available now

What: Social physics is a big data science that models how networks of people behave and uses these network models to create actionable intelligence. It is a quantitative science that can accurately predict patterns of human behavior and guide how to influence those patterns to (for instance) increase decision making accuracy or productivity within an organization. Included in this course is a survey of methods for increasing communication quality within an organization, approaches to providing greater protection for personal privacy, and general strategies for increasing resistance to cyber attack.

More information: https://www.edx.org/course/mitx/mitx-mas-s69x-big-data-social-physics-1737#.U3IdHIFdWSo


MOOC: Digital Literacies II

From: San Diego County Office of Education

Host: Canvas

When: Available now

What: The goal of the Digital Literacy 2 course is to provide practicing and pre-service educators as well as others with the tools and knowledge necessary to enhance and enrich the educational experiences of students’ through digital technologies. Learners will explore:

  • Digital citizenship and Internet safety
  • Copyright law and ‘Fair Use’ clause
  • The use of Creative Commons license
  • The use of Web 2.0 tools
  • Ways to apply Google Applications for EDU
  • Using mobile technologies for teaching and learning
  • Techniques for developing non-linear presentations
  • Methods for using Quick Response (QR) codes in teaching and learning
  • The use of digital cameras
  • Developing blogs and websites
  • Producing podcasts

More information: https://www.canvas.net/courses/digital-literacies-ii-1


MOOC: Enhance Your Career and Employability Skills

From: University of London and The Careers Group

Host: Coursera

When: May 27th

What: Learn how to make effective decisions about your future career and how to take control your professional development by honing your critical thinking and employability skills. Suitable for anyone undertaking some form of study, regardless of academic discipline, interests or employment background.

More information: https://www.coursera.org/course/career


MOOC: Understanding Media by Understanding Google

From: Northwestern University

Host: Coursera

When: May 26th

What: Enrollees in this course learn how to understand the tactics that modern media companies, journalists, marketers, politicians, technologists, and social networks are using to reach them and affect their behavior. They learn how to adopt strategies that put them on an even footing with these entities in achieving their own communications goals.

More information: https://www.coursera.org/course/googlemedia