Collectively, seeing the Columbian River’s cultural art in this way was a transformative learning experience. Gallery App developer, Zack Freeman, conveyed in his words, “I tried to write the App to be as close as possible to a patient human docent following you around, and answering your questions.” Indeed, this frame of reference now became a new type of “augmented,” and enhanced point of view.

So on this special April evening, perhaps those who came have seen a glimpse at the future of museum apps. In retrospect, I see things quite differently now. The fusion of innovative technology with cultural material art was synchronistical. I am now recalling the idiom “seeing is believing,” and in fact, it was confirmed to be true that night.

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Waterweavers: The River in Contemporary Colombian Visual and Material Culture Curated by José Roca with Alejandro Martín.

The Waterweavers Exhibit was designed for the advancement of art education and is part of the not-for-profit activities of the BGC Gallery.

GLASSNYC – Waterweavers Photos

Art App:

Special Thanks to the BGC of NYC, and Glass NYC Community.

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