A new frame of reference through Google Glass

Roxann Riskin, a technology specialist at Fairfield University and eCampus News contributor, writes a special op-ed on the NYC Glass Museum Event which she attended on April 28

google-glass-appsWhile wearing the Google Glass device, many of my experiences have focused primarily on subjective perspectives, like taking pictures, for instance.

This is mainly because that part of the Glass design feature is currently from a first-person point of view. Recently, I had an extraordinary opportunity to look at things from a different vantage point, using a newly created Glass App, at a museum event hosted in New York City.

I was excited to immerse myself in a first-of-its-kind visually augmented experience with art.

Also, to embrace a new connectivity with art objects that I hoped would spark some educational conversations about art experiences and wearable technology i.e. John Dewey’s, Art as an Experience (1934). So both personally and educationally, I was optimistic about attending the special event in the city!

On April 28, Katy Kasmai, founder of the Glass NYC Meet-Up, organized an evening event called “The Art Gallery Experience Through Glass” at the Gallery at the BGC (Bard Graduate Center), located on 18 West 86th Street in Manhattan. Being a new member of the Glass NYC, I had great expectations for the upcoming event. I soon received an email with instructions to perform on Glass what is called a “side-loading” installation for a specifically developed museum app.

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