Only one public university makes list of most wired college campuses

wired-campusOn average, college campuses have just one computer for every seven students, according to U.S. News and World Report. Other sources put that number at more than 10 students per computer.

Either way, many universities still struggle to attain a more equal ratio for students and computers.

An argument can be made, of course, that with so many students bringing their own computers and mobile devices to campus, there is no longer a need for a 1:1 ratio on college campuses. But the bandwidth those devices require can result in a whole slew of other technological challenges.

Earlier this year, the college ranking site Unigo ranked 10 universities that may be the most adept at addressing those issues, as well as being the most “wired” into technology-focused majors.

The good news? Some colleges and universities are closing in on having one computer per student.

The bad news? Only one public university made the list.

(Read on to see what schools Unigo considers to be the most wired in the country.)

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