See just how influential online platforms can be for recruitment

social-media-recruitmentIt seems reasonable that the best way to attract potential students is to use the social media platforms and online tools they use the most; namely, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. However, exactly how much of an influence does social media factor into recruitment?

According to data sourced from U.S. News, ABC News, Kaplan, Noodle, and others, Online Colleges revealed 6 interesting facts about exactly how much college admissions use social media to attract today’s Millennials.

For example, did you know that 92 percent of undergraduate admissions officers agree that social media is worth the investment they make in it? Or that 85 percent of all colleges use Facebook to recruit students?

According to the 2014 Social Admissions Report—a survey of college-bound high school students designed to identify trends in digital, social and mobile tools represented in a student’s college search and enrollment process—as new tools are created to help people organize, share and collaborate online, more students are using them as a way to aid their college search, leading colleges to use these tools in their recruitment process…or they should.

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According to Online Colleges’ infographic:

1. 1 in 3 colleges say social media is more efficient than traditional media in reaching their target audience.

2. 92 percent of undergrad admissions officers agree that social media is worth the investment they make in it.

3. 85 percent of colleges use Facebook to recruit students; 66 percent use YouTube. Also, more than 1/3 of law school admissions offices look up students on Facebook, while 1/4 of business schools do.

4. 32 percent of law schools say something they found online negatively impacted a student’s chance of admission; 14 percent of business schools said the same, and 12 percent of colleges overall.

5. More and more admissions officers are looking at students’ online profiles as well as their written applications.

6. Online platforms are most often used for: Hosting a forum for incoming student questions, posting application deadlines, posting virtual tours, and hosting video chats.

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