Innovation corner: New freedom with online learning

Nothing says moving into the future like the flexibility customization can provide


The base level of technological savvy has surely risen on college campuses over the past half decade, and with that rise has come growing expectations for flexibility in institution’s online learning platforms.

The static nature of learning management systems from the early and mid-2000s for years irked educators, campus technologists, and students who said the web-based learning experience was hindered by the decidedly inflexible platforms that left little or no room for customization.

Only through customization, the argument went, could college students get the most out of the online learning experience. It was a common — if not ignored — refrain for years in higher education.

M.L. Bettino, former dean of academic affairs at Cerritos College, a community college in Los Angeles County, said in an eCampus News interview that the shift toward open-source aspects of university LMS’ was a clear sign that higher education was finally ready to move on from the stodgy learning platforms of yesteryear.

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