10 Apple and Android Apps for campus security

7. Police Pad  Android, $2.99

This app gives security a platform to report incident information seamlessly. Police Pad attaches a time stamp to every event created. Authorities can collect pictures, text notes and voice notes in one application. All information can be eMailed and archived, increasing the efficiency of the documentation process.

8. Rave Guardian iPhone/iPad, Android, Free

This app helps students create a ‘safety network’ by connecting them with campus security, friends and family. When users connect to the app through the Panic Button feature, many forms of relevant data are communicated such as GPS location, campus ID photo, address and medical conditions. The Personal Guardian feature allows students to set a time when traveling in unsafe situations. If a student does not deactivate the timer before the designated time, the student is automatically connected to security personnel.

9. SafeWatch TEAM iPhone $20.99, Android $9.99

Intended for educators and employers, this app gives leadership the opportunity to create a hierarchy of information dissemination. With the creation of Safety Teams, employers decide what information is communicated directly to police, and what is sent to colleagues. All employees can connect to security or local authorities with the touch of a button, and notify those in their designated Safety Team of an emergency. Team alerts are sent in the form of texts, emails and GPS-location.

10. TapShield iPhone/iPad, Android, Free app, Call for pricing on service plans

TapShield offers institutions a cost-effective back-end solution to updating campus security. Through its cloud-based system, this app aims to reach college students where they are. Users connect to emergency dispatchers within 5 seconds, using their smartphones to send the incident details, real-time GPS locations, and relevant information. Data is collected in the incident response dashboard for campus security personnel. Dispatchers can communicate directly with users via text message, and send out mass alerts to up to one million users.

Jaccii Barmer is an editorial intern with eCampus News.