10 Apple and Android Apps for campus security

3. Elert Campus iPhone/iPad, Android, Free

Elerts gives users a designated platform to report incidents to security personnel using smartphones. The platform offers multimedia options including photos and GPS location. This information can aid security in determining which response method would be most effective. Students or staff are connected directly to authorities, who can ask for more detailed descriptions or give instructions.

4. Guardly Safe Campus App  iPhone, Android, Free

This app gives smartphones the power of a traditional blue light emergency phone. Guardly’s ‘personal duress button’ links campus police to college students, faculty and staff in seconds. It allows users to submit information such as caller profile and real-time location. In an emergency, users can communicate with campus authorities by phone calls, or secure instant messaging. According to a recent case study, Guardly Safe Campus has reduced response times by 44% on college campuses.

5. LiveSafe iPhone/iPad, Android, Free

LiveSafe was co-founded by a survivor of the Virginia Tech 2007 shooting. This social safety app aims to keep users informed about their community through detailed reports, which can be shared within a user’s social network. When users are in unsafe situations, they can use their smartphone as a GPS tracker, notifying close friends and relatives when they arrive at their destination. Users can also notify local authorities of any incidents via video, picture, text message and GPS-tagged audio.

6. In Case of Crisis iPhone/iPad, Android, Free

This app provides ‘Cliff Notes’ for protocols  in emergencies from natural disasters to school shootings. Depending on the incident category, users can choose the event and download guides detailing next steps.

The mobile emergency response and business continuity solution is designed to allow universities to publish their specific emergency procedures and instructions via an online portal to employees’, students’ and constituents’ Apple, Android and Amazon Kindle mobile devices. It is equipped with incident reporting – allowing safety personnel and students to be an extra set of eyes during a crisis by filling out and submitting customizable incident forms as events are unfolding.

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