Is it hypocritical for universities to ban graduation ‘selfies’?

What’s to ban with selfies?


It’s almost that time of year again when scores of young adults enter the coming-of-age period when they graduate from college.

What better way to celebrate such a major accomplishment of completing a hard-earned degree than snapping photos to commemorate the moment?

Right? Apparently not for every university.

Bryant University in Rhode Island has led a campaign of banning students from taking “selfies” or pictures of themselves at graduation based on the logic that it would delay the graduation ceremony and cheapen the experience.

Read the full story in Inside Higher Ed.

Now the University of South Florida and University of Florida have followed suite by banning pictures on the graduation stage.

For more on the reasons behind this controversial decision, read the full article in the Tampa Tribune.

Is it hypocritical or unfair that universities encourage mobile devices on campus but are preventing students celebrating their special day using such technology to share with friends and family?

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