A keen-sighted CIO’s inter-view on Glass

Open-eyed and thoughtful views on Glass’ realistic usability in higher education

google-glass-interview“OK Glass,” take a picture. It’s most likely the first thing a Google Glass Explorer will try, as I did.

Now, entering my third month, in the beta Google Glass Explorer program, I saw a need to refocus my exploring, no pun intended, on requesting an open and frank “Glass” interview with the CIO-Chief Information Officer, Paige Francis, at Fairfield University.

By accepting the invitation, Paige has already broken through many proverbial “glass ceilings,” as the first woman, Jesuit University CIO, Google Glass interviewee, represented in a Google Plus Glass community. Paige is now visible on the Google Plus Community, actively engaging in technology dialogue, via Google Glass.

Her interview responses focus on infusing Glass and potentially more wearable technology devices, into higher education environments. These recordings have caught the eye of Glass Explorer, and Professional Associate at University of Canberra of Australia, Alexander Hayes, who includes Paige in his prestigious community of exemplary Glass interviewees of high status, in the global world community i.e. Glass Engineers, educators, and explorers.

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