The future of higher ed and the role of technology are highlights of these insightful TED talks

TED-talks-education By now, most internet junkies know about the incredible talks given through TED (Technology, Education, and Design), but outside of education talks given by Bill Gates and the ever-viral talk by Liz Coleman, what are some of the best, and potentially overlooked, discussions on higher education and technology?

Recording and posting various talks on different topics, given by experts in different fields, TED began in 1984, but has lately risen to new popularity with a worldwide following.

However, the popularity of TED talks has grown to the point where many cities, and even colleges and universities, host their own TED education talks, often revealing deeper, more specific discussions on relevant topics in higher education, and especially online learning.

In this article, you’ll find five of the best TED talks, given within the last couple of years, on topics that range from whether or not MOOCs are still relevant to the capabilities of assistive technologies, and from self-organizing curriculum to designing the university of the future.

Know of any great TED talks on higher education and/or technology? Be sure to leave your comments in the section provided below, email me at, or find me @eSN_Meris on Twitter.

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