Colleges: Meet your new skills gap

Colleges should ensure that graduates have big data skills to meet the demands of today’s labor market

big-data-collegesBig data has arrived.

In almost every industry, businesses are generating and capturing exponentially more information than they were just a couple of years ago.

Unfortunately, the higher education system seems to have struggled to keep up in terms of preparing students for this new digital universe.

Data Overload

It’s tough for many of us to grasp the sheer magnitude of big data.

“Big data has brought attention to the fact that there’s a lot more data out there than most people imagined,” says Michaline Todd, CMO for MarkLogic, an enterprise database provider. “Even with all the media hype, it’s hard for most business people to really think outside of their silo of data.”

Every day there are more than 400 million tweets. YouTube uploads more than 100 hours of user generated video each minute.

The International Data Corporation is forecasting that we’ll see a 44X increase in data volume from 2009 to 2020.

Just look at the trend of search queries on Google for “big data.”

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