Blended learning gets the Khan Academy treatment

The Institute and Silicon Schools Fund have partnered with Khan Academy to offer free online content that provides insight and guidance on delivering “High-Quality Blended Learning.”

Led by the Institute’s  Michael Horn and Silicon Schools Fund’s Brian Greenberg, the online tutorials are available anytime to anyone.

Using examples from case studies of three high-performing schools, the content explores how to support students and teachers in the transition from traditional learning to blended learning to “combine the best of traditional schools with the transformative power of technology.”

Greenberg and Horn lead the blended learning discussions, touring real classrooms using blended learning and providing insights on the operational challenges and potential solutions.

“Blended learning isn’t just about putting computers in classrooms,” said Horn, co-founder and executive director of education at the Christensen Institute in a statement. “It’s about combining the best methods of online learning with one-on-one mentoring from teachers and small-group interaction to educate students in a way that gives them what they need, when they need it.”

The collection of videos is designed for anyone with an interest in blended learning—educators, administrators, parents, as well as those in ed-tech and philanthropy— and the content explores the different types of blended learning models and helpful tactics for implementation.

“In this content, we take a hands-on approach visiting real schools and talking to real educators,” said Greenberg in a statement. “We hope others will be inspired by these schools to explore new models of education in their own context.”

The Christensen Institute/Silicon Schools Fund venture joins a notable group of Khan Academy partners, including MIT, the Brookings Institution, and the Stanford School of Medicine. The content is available now at