Research says a college’s return-on-investment depends on this offering

A college’s return-on-investment (ROI) depends on the STEM majors offered

college-investment-stemIn what seems like a no-brainer, the relationship between college majors and salary potential is becoming ever stronger in the wake of staggering student debt. Thanks to recent research, students and colleges now have a better idea on what majors offer the best ROI in today’s complex market.

To put the research’s importance into perspective, new findings from a Pew Research Center study show that college graduates earn $17,500 more annually than their peers with high school diplomas aged 25 to 32. However, those who collect student debt have a lower return on investment over time.

While salary levels have stagnated for the past ten years, the cost of a college has risen over five times the rate of inflation since the 1980s.

A recent article by the Economist claims that some college graduates might be better off financially if they had never earned a degree, since  just one year of higher education can equal $60,000.

Students accept these costs believing they will pay their debts within a reasonable time. However, that’s not a guarantee in today’s job market.

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