One shocking fact about Flipped Learning-and why it matters

New report touts Flipped Learning; but are colleges really on board?

flippedresizedNew results from a national survey reveal just how popular Flipped Learning has become. But with all of the hype on this teaching and learning style that’s grown in practice at an accelerated rate over the last two years, are colleges and universities really seeing results?

According to the recently released 2013 Speak Up National Research Project findings, Flipped Learning—defined in the survey as using lecture videos as homework while using class time for more in-depth learning such as discussions, projects, experiments, and to provide personalized coaching to individual students—is surpassing all other digital trends, including mobile apps and technology…at least, that is, in K-12.

But is higher education as enthusiastic? And if not, why?

The answer is: They will be, thanks to a new definition and new body of research.

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