Val Schreiner, vice president of product management for Blackboard, said the LMS’s anti-plagiarism system could be a vital resource for the increasing number of freshmen who enter college needing remedial writing courses.

“There’s a huge adoption curve for them,” she said. “Knowing what they’re doing right and what they’re doing wrong is very important.”

As reliable as it is, SafeAssign was not meant to substitute for a professor tasked with reviewing assignments for instances of plagiarism and helping students better understand how they may have violated campus academic integrity rules.

“It was never meant to replace a human’s judgment. No one should assume SafeAssign replaces the investigatory aspects of plagiarism,” said Trey Buck, Blackboard’s SafeAssign product expert. “It’s an instructional tool in a teacher’s toolbox, and it can be a learning opportunity for students who use it properly.”

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