Lambton College is developing a pilot program to test out gaming in six of its courses — including first-year math, electrical circuits, and hair removal — to see if the use of game-playing improves attendance rates and student engagement. Lambton College in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada, an hour north of Detroit, is working with developers at education technology company Desire2Learn to develop the games. The program is expected to be introduced to students in fall 2014.

The college has about 3,600 full-time students and 6,500 part-time students. It offers two-year and three-year diplomas, as well as certificates, advanced diplomas and applied degrees.

Lambton began pondering the use of gaming in its courses shortly after it began promoting the use of mobile technology by its faculty members and students. The college considers itself an “iPad preferred” institution, which means that it provides iPads to all of its instructors, including adjuncts, and encourages students to use iPads as well.

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