These education technology-focused blogs are worth a few minutes of read time

blog-technology-educationBetween MOOCs, online learning and mobile technology, higher education is a booming topic across the country, with the internet often its most prolific forum.

Educators and other ed-tech aficionados hold large discussions about all things campus-related, whether it’s via Twitter or on personal blogs. And though these blogs often contain the most up-to-the-minute news on topics most valuable to faculty and administrators, much is left unseen due to time restrictions and limited searches.

To better help you and your campus keep connected to what’s happening in higher education ed-tech now, eCampus News presents 10 higher-ed blogs that have paved the way into transcending education news and trends.

From an instructional designer’s revelations on technology-focused learning methods to a researcher’s collection of findings on online learning, and from a blog catering specifically to innovation-savvy faculty to a forum for higher-ed tech startups, these are 10 blogs you can’t afford not to read.

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[Listed in alphabetical order]

1. Atomic Learning

Atomic Learning provides training solutions to educators worldwide. Its higher education blog encapsulates the most prevalent issues in higher education with a focus on online learning, data and instructional design.

2. Degree of Freedom

Like many higher-ed blogs, Degree of Freedom takes a close look at the effectiveness of MOOCs. However, rather than writing about MOOC research, blogger Jonathan Haber actually sought to see if he could complete four years’ worth of college education in one year taking only MOOCs on platforms like edX and Coursera. His experiment proved useful, finishing his ‘senior year’ of taking MOOCs in less than 12 months. Haber’s story has received attention from many media outlets.

3. Edcetera

This site caters specifically to education technology. Sponsored by Rafter, Edcetera relies on trending news in technology. Edtech Magazine recognized it as a must-read higher education blog in 2013.


EDUKWEST was founded by blogger Kirsten Winkler to share savvy educators’ ideas with the public. It has covered issues like technology startups and online learning platforms worldwide. It has daily posts from contributors, and is the go-to for those curious in ed-tech startups.

5. eLearning Infographics

Ranked first on eLearning Feeds’ list of top online learning blogs, eLearning Infographics centers on different methods of online learning and how to integrate them into modern pedagogies. It appeals to a visual aesthetic, as its method of publication is mainly infographics.

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6. Faculty Focus

Faculty Focus offers alternative strategies for teachers. It provides users with free reports based on topics like instructional design, educational assessment and online education. It was ranked as one of the best education blogs by

7. Kevin Corbett

This self-titled blog focuses on all things related to social media and online learning. Kevin Corbett, an eLearning program developer, writes relevant posts that engage a person who is even slightly interested in education technology. His blog also details various learning methods, like blended learning and game-based learning, with original videos.

8. Learning Ecosystems

Created by Calvin College Senior Instructional Designer Daniel Christian, Learning Ecosystems covers different learning methods for educators with an emphasis on using technology to heighten learning potential. Christian discusses topics ranging from education reform, mobile learning and the effect of social media on learning. Posts from around the web are combined with his own original thoughts to consider all perspectives of higher education. Blogs are posted multiple times a week.


Run by eCampus News frequent contributor Leonard Waks, MOOCVILLE is a great resource for all things MOOC. Waks, a professor emeritus of educational leadership at Temple University, started the blog July 2013 and has already provided excellent perspectives on online learning. MOOCVILLE has discussed concepts like the affordability of MOOCs compared to traditional college courses, updates in MOOC platforms and the business model behind online courses.

10. Rolin Moe

Rolin Moe describes himself as an “educator, an instructional designer, a speaker, a writer and a researcher.” A past eCampus News contributor, Moe takes to his self-titled blog to discuss research on online learning. His blog includes slides of information about MOOCs, as well as audio discussing the evolution of online courses and their impact on modern education.

Mike Siegel is an intern at eCampus News

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