Here’s how to reach your most social, tech-savvy students

The social media platform Snapchat is also becoming valued by universities that want to reach students “where they are.”

77 percent of college students use Snapchat daily, according to a survey by Mashable and Sumpto, a company that works with college students who use social media.

According to the survey, Snapchat offers a sense of personalization students might not experience when receiving a brochure in the mail.

Students like the messages, or Snaps, because they are sent directly to them, instead of broadcasted to a large audience.

Snapchat is also a social media platform based on engagement. In order to view a Snap, the viewer must press the image with their fingertips for the duration of the message (one to ten seconds).

A recent article by Time Magazine, institutions are beginning to use Snapchat to engage current and prospective students by sending personalized messages to make recruits feel valued.

Others are using Snapchat to “reach students where they already are.” A Pew Research Internet Project study found that 26 percent of young cell phone owners between 18 and 29 use Snapchat. This percentage is expected to increase as more teenagers who have grown up with smartphones become young adults.

Jaccii Barmer is an editorial intern at eCampus News.

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