In addition to online safety and compliance training, SafeColleges now includes incident reporting and tracking, plus SDS and chemical inventory management

Cincinnati, Ohio (April 2, 2014) – Driven by the success colleges and universities have experienced with the SafeColleges Online Staff Training System, Scenario Learning announces it is expanding its higher education product line with two new online safety and compliance solutions. The SafeColleges suite now includes SafeColleges Alert, a safety incident reporting and tracking system, and SafeColleges SDS, a Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and chemical inventory management system.

The expanded SafeColleges product line can help higher education institutions create even safer teaching and learning environments while mitigating costly human resources issues. School shootings, hazing, science laboratory accidents, dating violence and discrimination are just a few of the realities of campus life today. Colleges and universities that don’t protect workers and students may incur costly OSHA fines, workers’ comp claims or lawsuits.

The new SafeColleges Alert System enables university administrators to stay connected to their entire campus community, so they can help prevent safety incidents before they occur. The system allows students, staff and parents to confidentially report safety tips to university administrators in four convenient ways: via phone, text, email and website. Every tip is automatically logged in a custom Alert management system, where administrators can investigate, track and manage tips to resolution.

With new OSHA mandates surrounding the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS), many college administrators are looking for programs that can help them comply with these new specifications. The SafeColleges SDS System supports GHS and enables administrators to store, update and have ready access to their SDS and chemical inventory information online, through any web-enabled device. This capability is critical in the event of a science lab or chemical-related emergency.

In addition to adding SafeColleges Alert and SafeColleges SDS, Scenario Learning recently published several new online SafeColleges Training courses to address current safety issues happening on campuses nationwide. Courses include Hazing; Discrimination in the Workplace; and Sexual Harassment: Policy and Prevention. Other popular courses include Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Prevention; Slips, Trips and Falls; Back Injury and Lifting; and Fire Extinguisher Safety.

“SafeColleges Training has put safety at the forefront of our employees’ minds,” said Carol Richards, a long-time customer from Southwestern Oregon Community College. “Our Experience Modification Factor has dropped drastically since we started using SafeColleges Training, and it’s now the lowest it has been since 1998. The lower our factor, the lower our insurance premiums, which saves us tens of thousands of dollars a year.”

Scenario Learning also announces the appointment of Bill Conroy as Sales Manager for their Higher Education Division. Conroy has extensive experience in education sales, and will lead SafeColleges sales initiatives.

For more information, visit the SafeColleges website or call Bill Conroy, Sales Manager for Higher Education at 800.434.0154.

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