Online Learning Week

Dear Reader,

March 31st-April 4th is Online Learning Week at eCampus News, part of our dedicated weekly series of coverage that you’ll find on our website once a month (FYI: May will feature Student Recruitment and June will highlight Campus Professional Development).

For Online Learning Week, be sure to read our multitude of stories on this highly popular, and quickly expanding, mode of learning. Look specifically for Monday’s featured story, “Why online courses have low retention rates-and how to boost them.”

Other topics throughout the week will include:

  • Features of a next-generation online learning platform
  • The partisan politics of online learning
  • Online assessments as a credible alternative
  • Online colleges and the battle against cheating
  • Popular MOOCs
  • And much more

Starting March 31st, eCampus News will feature at least one story on our website per day about online learning—one of higher education’s must-have’s in attracting prospective students, bolstering an institution’s reputation, and furthering faculty reach.

And make no mistake: we’ll also dig into the worrisome issues involved with online learning implementation, including low completion rates, the hesitance in offering course credit, and struggles in Congress.

We hope you enjoy this upcoming coverage and look forward to hearing your thoughts and comments on the issues and conversations happening in online learning!

Meris Stansbury, Managing Editor

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